Kerala Panchakarma is one of the pioneers in uplifting Ayurveda, from decay. Over 8 lakh patients are benefited in a year by the treatments & medicines from Kerala. It extends to all spheres of Ayurveda like manufacturing, treatment, research, education & publication. Kerala. Ayurveda has some specific therapies and that too in some different ways. Different therapies are as follows:  

1. Abhyangam: This is a gentle whole body Ayurveda massage from head to toe using warm medicated oil. Oil is chosen by the Ayurveda experts according to prakarti (Psychosomatic constitution) and the illness of the person. Oils like Bala, Ashwagandhadi tailam, Chinchadi tailam, Kottanchukadi tailam, Sahcharadi tailam are used. The massage is done in a soft rhythmic way, one or two persons massaging at the same time for 45-60 minutes.
Useful for: A regular Abhyangam protects from stress, anxiety, exhaustion & vata disorders. It also nourishes the body and extends the life span. Provides good sleep, improves skin texture and improves vision.
2. Thalam: Special herbal powder mixed with herbal oil is applied on the top of the head for 25-45 minutes with the medicines like Eladi Choornam and Bala Quath.
Useful for: Migraine, Epilepsy and Insomnia
3. Navarakizhi: It is Shashtik Shali Pind Sweden. One of the special forms of treatment widely practiced in Kerala. The body is made to perspire well through body massage specially cooked rice puddings in form of boluses tied up in cloth bag.
Useful for: Nervous system, chronic rheumatic disease, pain in joints, emaciation of limbs and disease borne of vitiated blood. It also makes the body strong with well developed musculature. With specific medicines it is very effective for the treatment of blemishes and improves the complexion of skin.
4. Mamaskizhi: It is also one of the special treatment widely practiced in Kerala. In this body is made to perspire well through massage with specially cooked medicated rice and Aja dugdha (goat's meat) in from of boluses tied up in cloth bag. Powders used for the same are Kottanchukadi Choornam and Jatamansyadi Choornam.
Useful for: Avascular necrosis, muscular weakness, fractures, parkinsonism, Muscular dystrophy etc.
5. Podikizhi: The entire body is massaged with a bolus or Pind prepared with the powder of herbs which is dipped in warm medicated decoction.
Useful for: Arthritis, gout, all rheumatic pains.
6. Elakizhi: The entire body is massaged with various herbs. Boluses of herbal leaves are warmed by dipping it in medicated warm oil and then massage is done with the same on all over the body. Leaves used are Erand, Nirgundi, Ark, and Imli. Oils Used are Karpooradi oil, Mahanarayan oil, Chinchadi oil, Baladi oil, Ashwagandhadi oil etc.
Useful for: Stiffness, pain, paralysis and Arthritis.
7. Nasayam: The nose is the doorway to our brain & it is also the doorway to consciousness. The nasal administration of medicated oil in Ayurveda is called Nasayam. An excess of bodily humors accumulated in the eyes, throat, nose or head areas is removed through this process through nearest possible opening i.e. nose. Herbal juices, medicated oils, medicated fumes are applied through nose according to the time, dosage and duration prescribed in Ayurveda texts. Some of the oils used for the Nasayam are Anu tailam, Bala tailam and Shadbindu Tail.
Useful for: Loss of smell, taste, paralysis, Sinusitis, Rhinitis, Premature graying of hair, migraine, headache.
8. Tharpanam: In this procedure walls are erected around the eye with the black gram dough of 1½ inches height, after making it leak-proof and liquid medicine is poured in the same. Then patient is asked to open & close the eyes gradually. Medicine is removed after five minutes. Exposure to sunlight should be avoided for some time. Triphala Ghrit, Phal Ghrit and Shatavari Ghrit may be used for the same.
9. Shirodhara: Shirodhara is a wonderful purification and rejuvenating therapy based on an ancient Indian technique. Medicated special oil is poured on the forehead continuously, while patient is lying in supine position on the specially designed table. The exact combination of oil depends upon the body constitution and disease of the patient. Luke stream of warm oil is poured very slowly on the centre of forehead for 30-45 minutes followed by gentle scalp massage. It is done in absolute silence. It induces deep relaxation & balances the state of mind & body. Oils used are Asaneladi tailam, Asanbilvadi tailam, Neelbhringrajadi tailam, Baladi tailam, Chandanadi tailam, Brahmi tailam etc.
Useful for: Paralysis, Senile dementia, Anxiety, Tension, Insomnia, chronic headache, Migraine, hair problem, mental stress, Insomnia.
10. Pizhichil: Pizhichil is a special type of massage done with squeezing a cloth soaked in oil over the body and is a combination of oil massage & fomentation. A gentle, synchronized, massage is carried out under the constant flow of warm herbal oil. During this treatment, patients is made to sit on a Ayurvedic droni specially made for this purpose. Oils used are Mahanarayan tailam, Karpasthyadi tailam, Kottanchukadi tailam, Chinchadi tailam, Karpuradi tailam, Sahcharadi tailam, Bala tailam, Ashwagandhadi tailam etc.
Useful for: Joint problems, Muscle Tension, Arthritis, Checks ageing, and Improves blood circulation,
11. Udwarthanam: It is a simulating deep dry massage using herbal powder towards upper part of the body to reduce cellulite accumulation. Whole body is thoroughly exfoliated by using a mixture of Ayurvedic powder, which breaks up fatty deposits & enhances blood circulation.
Useful for: Obesity provides mobility to joints, strengthens muscles, refreshes the body, and improves circulation.
12. Shiro Vasti: Keeping the prescribed medication oil at a bearable temperature on the head, for one hour by fitting a leather cap around it.
Useful for: Hearing loss, motor neurological lesion, Parkinsonism, Degenerative disorder of brain, Hair loss, Hemiplegia.