20 Tips for Health

1. Saindhava lavana is useful for eyes. 2. Food cooked in oil is useful for diabetes. 3. Don't do physical work after eating food. 4. Avoid taking food immediately after exercise. 5. The best thing that makes the food delicious is salt. 6. Extreme dry food destroys complexion. 7. One year old rice immediately helps to gain strength. 8. Don't take food which is dirty and has been served by opponents. 9. Food prepared with butter milk helps in dysentery, anemia and diabetes. 10. Don't take substances of cold potency mixed with those having hot potency. 11. Ghee, amlaki, rain water, rock salt which can be taken regularly. 12. Always wash feet before taking meals, Taking meals with wet feet enhances the longevity. 13. A person accustomed to pungent and hot substances should not take sweet and cold substances. 14. Don't take cold and dry substances in winter. Don't take pungent and hot substances in summer. 15. Except in case of meat, rhizomes, dry vegetables fruits and sweets should be avoided in staled condition. 16. The food of a person whose death is imminent, is sad, unhappy, cruel, impotent post should not be accepted 17. While taking your food ensure that honey, curd, ghee, water barley and milk are consumed completely. 18. Sweet objects should be taken at the start of meal. Salty and sour substances should be taken during mid of the meal. 19. Avoid taking heavy diet when the digestive fire is low. Don't take light diet when the power of digestion is light. 20. Dry vegetables, dried meat should not be taken regularly. Curd, pork, fish etc should not be a part of your daily diet..