5 Must Do's For Cancer

Cancer is a dreadful disease and its treatment is equally painful. In conventional system its treatment is even more agonizing surgery, radiation therapy and chemo therapy are currently the mainstay treatment to deal with cancer. These conventional treatments are having varying success rates and a long list of various side effects is also there. No doubt modern medicine by virtue of its established procedures over the last many decades has gained an unparallel position. When it fails to ensure a cure or induces side reactions, we tend to seek support and solace from other treatment methods commonly referred to as "Alternative Medicine".  

Integrating Ayurveda, Yoga with Allopathic Medicine gives better results in the management of cancer. It is not easy to get rid of cancer, but there are certain things which are must do for cancer, these are following:
1. Toxin free Diet: Cancer is a toxic condition, therefore a patient of cancer must stop taking in more toxins. It means a strict vegetarian and organic diet, with complete no to animal products, dairy, refined, preserved food, processed food, oily food, sweets, caffeine and alcohol. Avoiding microwave for cooking and chewing well are also helpful.
2. Elimination of wastes: Besides reduced intake of toxin free diet cancer patients have to make sure that their body is able to eliminate the bodily wastes properly. It helps the organs in their optimal working particularly the liver and kidneys to reduce the overload of the toxins from body.
3. Nutritional Deficiencies: In addition to proper elimination of wastes any nutritional deficiencies must be addressed, virtually everyone has nutritional deficiencies nowadays because of the poor quality of the soil is lacking nutritional elements, so organically grown food with a careful nutritional supplementation will enhance the immunity to fight with the cancer.
4. Pranayama: Regular pranayama has shown to improve immunity and to stabilize the mind, enhancing immunity is a major factor to cure cancer, as lack of immunity is mainly responsible for cancer. With pranayama mind becomes more forward and concentrated. A concentration mind is peaceful and powerful. Deep breathing helps for our emotional detoxification. Heart full emotions like anger, anxiety, lust greed etc. could be controlled and calm mind can fight well with disease.
Yoga: Yoga practice improves physiological as well as psychological functions. Various aasanas and mudra used in yoga increases the flow of vital energy. A yogic way of life in which a disciplined life without over-indulgence, a yogic diet and regular practice of an integrated set of aasanas, pranayam and meditation for about 40 to 50 minutes daily goes a long way in preventing many types of cancer. Yoga prevents stresses which are well recognized to be a major factor in the causation and aggravation of the disease.