Ms Sharda Roelsma is a Dutch National of Surinami Indian origin and studied Ayurveda for four years at European Institute for Scientific Research on Ayurveda (EISRA) Holland. After finishing her study at Holland she came to Dayanand Ayurvedic College & Hospital, Jalandhar for Practical training. On our request she wrote her experiences about Ayurveda in India and Holland. I have studied Ayurveda in the Holland because I wanted to learn more about healthy way of living. In Holland best available study is four year course of A.P. i.e. Ayurvedic Practitioner.  

I finished the same as a weekend study program.
I had learned the theoretical part of the education in the Holland and for the practical part I came to Dayanand Ayurvedic College and Hospital at Jalandhar (Punjab). The practical part in India was a fabulous experience for me. I have learned the intricate details of Panchkarma treatment and learned how to prepare medicines on my own.
There is a great difference in the practice of Ayurveda in Holland and India. The first big difference is that Ayurveda is considered an alternative way of healing in the Holland and Patients in the Holland are having lot queries about the treatment and practitioner need to satisfy them. Many people are skeptical about Ayurveda but it is getting popular among health conscious people very fast. In India I have seen that patients trust doctors and believe everything the doctors tell them, they do not argue with a doctor. The second difference is the medication, Ayurvedic herbs are often bitter and most Dutchmen are not used to swallow bitter medication. In India I have experienced that patients swallowed even the bitter most medication without any hitch, something Dutchmen would absolutely refuse. Vaman therapy of Panchkarma is unacceptable in Dutch society as European upbringing teaches that throwing up (Vomiting) is unnatural so this part of Panchkarma is almost impossible to implement in Holland. Virechan therapy is possible in Western Europe as some patients suffering from chronic diseases are willing to do purgation therapy to get rid of their pain.
Western patients absolutely adore massages and steaming. They cannot get enough of it. The difference between India and the West are that all patients are being treated cross-gender by male and female practitioners. In India the sexes are strictly separated during the massages, a male patient gets a massage from a male and a female patient gets treated by a female masseur. When I finished my practical education in India I have become somewhat stricter about the same.
After finishing the A.P. (Ayurvedic Practitioner) course in Holland and Practical training at Dayanand Ayurvedic College amount of success in Holland varies when you open an Ayurvedic Practice in Holland and Belgium as many of our course mates are coming from Belgium also. Some practitioners are having a real good practice and some practitioners have to do a lot of PR to get a few patients for Ayurvedic Treatment and therapies. But to be honest more and more Europeans are interested in Ayurveda in particular and their health in general.
I myself am much occupied with Ayurveda. I have written two books over Ayurveda in Dutch language. The first explains the three dosha and their specific needs in general. The second book gives a deeper insight in the dosha and explains the differences in lifestyle people should lead.
I also do radio programs over Ayurveda, write articles and do lectures and workshops over Ayurveda. These things I do without any commercial interests. If I earn some money with these endeavors I donate the same to orphans in India through the Global Hospital in Mount Abu. I donate the money because it is my sincere belief that this I owe to India. I have received my knowledge over Ayurveda from India and in this way I am paying India my dues.
In my daily life I try to implement Ayurveda as much as is possible in my life and that of my family. In the morning I start with an oil massage, some Yogasana and meditation. I watch carefully what foods I eat. With my knowledge of Ayurveda I have become a more spiritual and more peaceful person. In the Holland life is very demanding and hectic; Ayurveda gives me the peace to deal with it. By God's grace my health and the health of my family members is well. I take a special care in advising the people about their wrong combinations of foods, drinks etc. Some people do not want to hear about health and keep eating copious amounts of junk food. I do not tell them to change their lives, if they are not motivated to change?