Internet addiction Disorder Among Teenagers

Internet addiction is no more addiction but it has become” Internet Addiction Disorder” according to APA. Addictive use of the Internet resembles other so-called "process" addictions, in which a person is addicted to an activity or behavior (including gambling, shopping, or certain sexual behaviors) rather than a substance (mood-altering drugs, tobacco, food, etc.) Excess Use of the Internet may interfere with the person's social life, schoolwork, or job-related tasks at work.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition. (1994). Washington D.C. American Psychiatric Association has set the following criteria for internet addiction.

Excessive Internet use may jeopardize a person's employment or academic standing. In addition, such physical problems may develop as fatigue, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, and eyestrain.

Lecturer of Psychology,
Dept. Applied Yoga and Health,
D.A.V College for Girls, Yamunanagar.