• "We don't stop laughing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop laughing.” — (Anonymous) • "Laughter is like changing a baby's diaper it doesn't permanently solve a thing, but it does make life more acceptable for a while.” —(Anonymous) • "If I were given an opportunity to present a gift to the next generation, it would be the ability for each individual to learn to laugh at himself." —(Charles Schulz) • "Enjoy the little things…for one day you may look back and realize…they were the big things." —(Robert Brault) • "If I can make people smile, then I have served my purpose for God." —(Comedian Red Skeleton) • "Ten minutes of genuine belly laughter had an anesthetic effect and would give me at least two hours of pain-free sleep.” — (Norman Cousins) • "Laughter is a form of internal jogging.” —(Norman Cousins) • "It is bad to suppress laughter. It goes back down and spreads your hips.” —(Comedian Fred Allen) • "It is pleasing to the dear God whenever thou rejoicest or laughest from the bottom of thy heart.” — (Martin Luther)