Sprouts are germinated seeds of grains or legumes which through the process of germination acquired the properties of preserving and growing a life i.e. the particular plant of the seed. That's why it is believed that they have rejuvenating and health promoting qualities. Being alkaline in nature sprouts help in improving health, purifying the body and rendering it immune to disease. It increases the nutritional value of our daily diet. Introduction of sprouts as part of daily food may balance the ratio of acidic and alkaline food requirements which is important in maintaining health. Seed which can be sprouted Seed of sunflower, moth, moong, lobia, methi, alfalfa, gram, soyabean and wheat etc. can be sprouted and may be taken as per the requirements of an individual. In germinating wheat special care is required to be taken to avoid catching of fungus. It is advisable to use glass jars for germinating wheat and expose them for sun light in morning.  

Benefits of Sprouts

1. Sprouts are natural, fresh and completely living food. They are more easily digestable, less fattening, more palatable and nutritions.

2. The amount and availability of Vitamin C, Iron, Riboflavin, Niacin and Phosphorus increases after sprouting certain seeds. In this way they are excellent sources of Vitamins and minerals.

3. The amount of non-nutritive substances as Oligosaccharides etc. decreases after sprouting.

4. The starch present in these food substances convert into glucose, fructose and maltose. They improve the taste as well increase the digestibility. The process of this conversion appears gradually in pulses and quickly in grains.

5. Sprouts are quickly and easily assimilated by the body and provides quick energy.

6. They are easy to prepare and cost effective, therefore, may suit to every budget.

7. They give new and natural taste to our meal.

8. Sprouts are complete and rejuvenating food without any contamination.

9. Sprouts are generally taken uncooked, therefore, save fuel too.

10. They fulfil requirements of the body for preserving life and hence crave for several types of addictions and health harming food items are diminished very soon. Sprouts are suited to drug addicts and alcoholics as well in getting them rid of addiction.


For sprouting the seeds selected should be fresh, new, clean, disease free and untreated with chemicals. Old and diseased grains can not produce good sprouts. The seeds should be washed thoroughly and gravels, mud etc. should be eliminated before sprouting. After sprouts are ready they should be washed again and cleansed before use. During the process of sprouting some seeds remain unsprouted, they should be picked up and removed.

1. H.O.D. & Dean Academic, Sharir Kriya Department, 2. M.D. Scholar, Sharir Kriya Department, N.I.A., Jaipur