10 Nutrients that help during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important part and period in the life of a woman. There are very many subtle changes in the mind and body of mother which can greatly affect the health of mother and foetus. A special care in the diet of mother is required during the pregnancy, there is a specific requirement of some nutrients during pregnancy. Ten most important nutrients required during the pregnancy are as following: 1. Vitamin A: prevents abnormalities of the eyes. Best sources: Eggs, dairy products, fish liver oils, carrots, green leafy vegetables, and yellow vegetables. 2. Vitamin B1: prevents chances of still birth and low birth weight. Best sources: Whole grain cereals, peanuts, brewer's yeast and vegetables provide it. 3. Pantothenic acid: Prevents deformities in the embryo. Best sources: Meat is the main source, whole grain, wheat germ, green vegetables, nuts, eggs and brewer's yeast. 4. Folic acid: Prevents malformation of the throat and mouth and anaemia in babies. Best sources: Spinach, brewer's yeast, wheat germ, lentils, carrots, eggs, pumpkin, beans, whole wheat and whole rye.  

5. Vitamin D: is needed for development of bones.
Best sources: Sunlight (best), eggs, liver and butter, fish liver oil.
6. Iodine: Prevents mental retardation and improper physical growth.
Best sources: Edible sea weeds including kelp, vegetables like brinjals and mushrooms.
7. Manganese: Needed for good brain development, skeletal growth and proper muscular coordination.
Best sources: whole grain, beetroot, green vegetables, eggs, peas and nuts.
8. Zinc: Prevents brain malformation, learning problems, dwarfism, allergy, club feet and poor immune system.
Best sources: Brewer's yeast, eggs, liver, mushrooms, pumpkin seeds and sea food.
9. Protiens: Helps in the muscular development and improving strength of the body.
Best sources: Goat meat, Fish (Pomfret), Egg, Milk, Khoa, Paneer, Cashewnut, Groundnut, Soyabean, Rajmah, whole gram.
10. Calcium: Helps in the development of the teeth, bones and providing them strength.
Best sources: Egg white, milk, paneer, khoa, curd, fish especially dry fish and other sea foods, ragi, whole gram, black gram, moth beans, rajmah, Soyabeans, green leafy vegetables, coconut, almond etc.
Apart from it, pregnant woman should drink a glass of warm milk with a filament of saffron, once a week.
Please ensure utmost safety while taking to any suggestions made here by this particular therapy, since each person's anatomy and constitution is different. Remember to consult your doctor before adopting anything in your entire pregnancy phase and even post it.

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