10 Tips For Long & Shining Hair

Due to stress, pollution, incorrect dietunhealthy habits like smoking, drinking coffee, etc. more and more people are affected by hair loss which decreases the self-confidence of an individual and gives a negative impact on his personality. If you want to have beautiful, long, healthy and strong hair, follow the practical recommendations given below. 1. Give up using shampoo and conditioner. After extended use, it affects hair. People who now enjoy possessing a healthy and beautiful hair, should know that they can keep it until very old age. It is wrong the view that aging degrades the hair. A well cared hair retains its appearance, even in old ages. 2. When the hair loss is caused by dry eczema or other dermatological conditions use the following treatment: once a week wash the head with warm water, massage with raw salt for 15 minutes, and then rinse well the scalp. After six such procedures, the eczema will be completely healed. You can continue if you wish, but not more than once a month. The practitioners of the traditional medicine from Urals say: "If everyone would use this method even occasionally, the balding process would be completely eradicated worldwide."

3. Once a week massage your hair and scalp with castor, coconut, almonds, sesame or walnut oil. To remove the oil after the massage, use herbal powders in a slightly larger amount than a regular washing. Apply the powder on the hair and scalp, massage gently and rinse. The oil will be completely gone.Massaging the hair and scalp with oil has many beneficial effects.
4. Put 100 g dried root of thistle to soak in five liters of cold water for one day. The next day, boil the macerate for five or six minutes before washing the hair. For washing, use gloves and do not touch the face or any other part of the body with this liquid, because it can stimulate the hair growth in those areas.
5. After washing, let the hair dry naturally, without using the hair dryer. Its prolonged use as well as using the hair spray, foam, gel or other unnatural substances for hair care, are leading to its degradation.
6. Avoid exposure to sun and smoke. The heat is very damaging to hair, so do not use very hot water to wash it.
7. Do not add very hot spices in your food. Chew every morning a tablespoon of sesame seeds. They contain large amounts of calcium and magnesium needed for the hair growth and for maintaining healthy teeth.
8. Drink more milk (unpasteurized), clarified butter (obtained from homemade butter), vegetables (lettuce and spinach), nuts, seeds, almonds, yogurt and fruits. Avoid alcohol, tobacco and coffee because they cause atrophyof the hair follicles.
9. A very effective remedy is the herb called “the horsetail”. It is a natural source of silica and stimulates the hair growth, giving it a smooth and glossy appearance.
10. Do not wear very tight caps or hats as it prevents the blood to flow normally in the scalp.

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