20 Ayurvedic Tips For Weight Loss

I. Truthfulness to yourself is most required II. Workout daily for two hours at a stretch or 1 hour morning & evening. Walk daily for a minimum of 45 minutes. Weigh yourself every 15 days III. Eating Guidelines. IV. Never lose heart there will come the situations when you will be dishearten with less success or no success V. Time Management is very important

VI. Yoga & Pranayam techniques to be practiced under guidance

VII. Two proper meals per day are enough. Snacking can be done if required

VIII. Increase workout gradually according to your capacity

IX. Posture correction is important

X. Stress management is important, be sexually active (for married people)

XI. Watching television while eating is injurious to health & a cause for obesity, so avoid it.

XII. Eat judiciously, hot/warm food, plan your menu according to hints given

XII. Individualized program In Ayurveda guidelines pertaining to weight loss is to be prepared keeping the mind - body status of individual & causes of obesity as base

XIV. Gardening or any other physical activity of interest should be enlisted in daily schedule

XV. High Spirits but be disciplined for at least 5 days a week. Feasting can happen once a month & indiscipline once/twice a week.

XVII. Therapies like massages etc. can be included in weight loss Programme if required

XVII. Less Leisure with eating is most required guideline for the success of a obesity management program

XVIII. Outdoor games like football, basket ball, hockey, cricket, badminton, skipping, family activity, etc. should be included in daily schedule

XIX. Sleep for 5-7 hours per night is essential. Avoid sleeping more & day Sleeping.

XX. Sedentary Lifestyle is to be avoided. Try to do household work by self if possible, use steps instead of elevator, minimum use of remote /machines electrical apparatus, etc.



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