20-Tips for fever

Fever is an elevation of body temperature that exceeds the normal daily variation. It is the king of all diseases, which produces heating of body and mind. It is described as an independent disease as well a symptom in Ayurveda. In fever following tips are very beneficial. 1. Avoid anger. 2. Avoid rich pastries. 3. Avoid day sleeping. 4. Avoid tea and coffee. 5. Avoid exposure to sun. 6. Avoid sour food items. 7. Avoid physical exercise. 8. Avoid sexual intercourse.

<p>9. Take soup of Green gram.</p>
<p>10. Use of boiled water is ideal.</p>
<p>11. Avoid bathing with cold water.</p>
<p>12. Take cow's milk in chronic fever.</p>
<p>13. Avoid soft drinks and junk food.</p>
<p>14. Include gruel of shali rice in diet.</p>
<p>15. Use Glucose water or coconut water.</p>
<p>16. Choose Fasting specially in acute fever.</p>
<p>17. Consume fruits like grapes and pomegranate.</p>
<p>18. Take Light and easily digestible food items.</p>
<p>19. 2- 3 tsp of Cow's ghee should be used regularly.</p>
<p>20. Take vegetables like Brinjal, Radish, Drum stick and Parval in your diet.</p>
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