20 Tips in Thirst

The role of water in giving life is undisputed. Its regular use in limited quantity is a necessity for living. However due to some causes when thirst is not quenched even after plenty intake of water, this pathological condition needs remedial measures. Following tips are helpful in it. 1.    Take bath daily. 2.   Prefer cow milk 3.   Use lemon water. 4.   Gargle with honey. 5.   Drink coconut water. 6.   Avoid use of hot food. 7.   Avoid physical exercise. 8.   Abstain from using datun. 9.   Make use of dry tamarind. 10. Enjoy air coming from west side. 11. Restrict use of saltish products . 12. Make use of liquid portion for drinking. 13. Take oily substances in low quantity only. 14. Refrain from being hungry for a long time. 15. Take barley water at day time .Don’t take it at night. 16. Prefer fruits of grapes, amla, date, pomegranate etc. 17. Take sweet things but avoid salty and astringent things. 18. Extinguish a hot bolus of soil in water. Use that water after filtering it. 19. Don’t take bath immediately after coming from outside hot atmosphere. 20. Dip guduchi, dhania, chandan in water overnight and take the water in morning.