Indigestion, also known as upset stomach or dyspepsia, is discomfort or a burning feeling in the upper abdomen, often accompanied by nausea, abdominal bloating, belching, and sometimes vomiting. In ayurveda this disease is described by the name of Ajeerna. 1. Eat peacefully 2. Avoid cold things. 3. Avoid keeping fast. 4. Do not eat in excess. 5. Use tender radish only. 6. Use curd appropriately. 7. Take your meals regularly. 8. Apply methods of sudation. 9. Do not eat heavy substances. 10. Avoid taking rough substances. 11. Make use of brinjal as vegetable. 12. Take pungent and bitter eatables. 13. Use garlic and ginger in your food. 14. Parval and karela give good results. 15. Make use of hing in food preparations. 16. Sprinkle black pepper powder on your eatables. 17. Don't use ghee and oil preparations haphazardly. 18. Take petha as sweets or in other form of preparation. 19. Use of ajwain, methi and dhania gives beneficial results in it. 20. Do not suppress of natural urges of urination and defecation