20Tips for Health

1. Butter is useful in piles. 2. Don't take food at sunset. 3. Don't take food in a hurry 4. Don't take barely at night 5. Don't take excessive rough food.  

6. Start your meal by taking sweet things.
7. Don't take cold food and recooked food.
8. Don't take cold and hot things together.
9. Get up early in the morning, before sunrise.
10. Don't take honey and ghee in equal quantity.
11. Saindhav Lavan (Rock salt) is beneficial for eyes.
12. Don't take heavy food if digestive power is weak.
13. Prefer to use old desi ghee while preparing meals.
14. Use at least one year old wheat/rice in your food.
15. Don't eat food immediately after doing exercise.
16. Don't eat more. Take butter milk after mid day meal.
17. Early morning bath enhance longevity and checks obesity.
18. Take food only when the previously taken food in digested.
19. Don't use cold water after taking preparation made in ghee.
20. Start you day by taking at least 750 ml of water. But avoid taking water before goin to bed.

Professor & Head, Department of Basic Priniples
Rishikul Govt. Post Graduate Ayurvedic College,