Aphrodisiac MASH

The knowledge of drugs (especially plant medicines) goes back to earliest writings of world i.e. Vedas. The man of Vedic era had an intimate & inseparable contact with environment and its most precious part, undoubtedly plants. Since plant drugs are playing great role in treatment of various diseases. So we must have scientific knowledge regarding them. Mash or Urad is a well known drug used in Samhita period. It basically increases Kapha, Fat and pacifies Vata.

 Mash or Phaseolus mungo is a one of the most important plant that is cultivated through out the world. Urad is generally used as Dal in Indian diet since long back of time, but most of the people have less knowledge of its therapeutic uses.

Vernacular Names of Mash in English is Black gram, in Hindi is Urad, in Sanskrit is Mash and in Punjabi is Mah.

Its taste is sweet, post digestive taste is also sweet, property is Heavy and unctuous, potency is hot. Action on dosha is vata pacifying and action is strength promoting and aphrodisiac.

Black gram is a good source of phosphorus. A good form of it is in form of phytin which reduced by germination. It also contains vitamins like carotene 38 mg, thiamine 0.42mg, riboflavin 0.20 mg, folic acid 132 mg/100 gm, vitamin B-12 is present in minute quantity. Black gram contains carbohydrates like sucrose 1.6, raffinose 0.15 and verbascose 3.7 gm/100 gm etc. Glucose is also present. Its starch is oval granules of medium size and contains 30.5% amylase and 69.5% amylopectin. The 70-80% of protein is albumin & globulin. The biological value of black protein is 62% and digestibility coefficient of black gram protein is 78.7% where as level of protein intake is 10%.

1. Ex Research Associate,

Central Research Institute Ayurveda, Kolkata.

2. Research Officer,

Central Research Institute Ayurveda, Punjabi Bhag, New Delhi.