Beat The Heat with 10 Natural Ways

In summer, warm and dry air leads to health issues like skin rashes, sunburn, dehydration and indigestion.

Heat exhaustion is endemic to hot climates like in India because of long and severe summers. It is a serious condition of body overheating caused by prolonged exposure or physical exertion in extremely hot and high temperature. The person suffers from high fever, thirst, rapid pulse beats, absence of sweating and confusion. A more severely affected person may lose consciousness altogether. 
As the summer shows signs of progress and the days become warmer, dryness also starts increasing which causes our Vata dosha to start rising which leads to innumerable health issues such as skin rashes, sunburns and dehydration. Digestion related problems such as acidity, indigestion, acid reflux and nausea also occur commonly during this season.
To counter the harmful effects of heat stroke, ayurveda provides a number of effective herbs which are proven to decrease and cure the heat stroke.
1. Amla
Green and sour-tasting fruit, is a great way to stay cool in the heat. Consuming raw amla keeps the body cool and protects it from scorching winds that sweep across North, East and Central India. It can be consumed in multiple ways- in the form of a fresh fruit, juice, in pickled form, as a dried powder or as homemade sweet berry concoctions that are extremely beneficial for health.
2. Gulkand
An ayurvedic preparation with cooling effects for all heat-related issues, such as exhaustion, lethargy and tiredness, as well as a burning sensation on the palms and soles. It rejuvenates the body system and has antioxidant effects. Gulkand relieves stomach discomfort while soothing the intestines at the same time.
3. Wheatgrass
High in Vitamin C, not only protects against skin infections but also helps to avoid heat rash and weariness. Because our body cannot produce Vitamin C, it is critical to take foods high in this vitamin. It also aids in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy, allowing staying energized.
4.  Raw Mango
Has super cooling properties that work instantly on a heatstroke-affected body. Made from raw mangoes, this health tonic can be consumed multiple times during the day. The drink is enriched with spices such as fennel seeds, cumin seeds, black pepper and black salt, all of which have electrolytes and provide instant energy.
5. Coconut Water
A miraculous summer drink that balances the lost electrolytes in the body. 
6. Buttermilk
An excellent source of probiotics, it helps restore the essential minerals and vitamins in the body after a heatstroke.
7.  Aloe Vera 
A miracle plant that has blessed mankind with its healing properties. Aloe vera is loaded with minerals and vitamins and it helps the body adapt to its surrounding changes and the weather. 
8. Sandalwood
When rubbed on the chest and forehead, the fragrance of sandalwood works like a charm for the heatstroke victim. It has cooling properties and can even be applied on burning or itchy skin.
9. Cucumber 
The cooling nature of cucumber is helpful in reducing the pain and redness of a sunburn. Crush one cucumber into the paste, add two tablespoons of lemon juice and apply onto the skin with cotton. Leave this mixture on for 15 minutes and wash.
10. Khas
Bears cooling properties and can be used in different forms such as vetiver water or vetiver oil, to help reduce body heat and provide relief from the symptoms. 
Scorching winds and heat in summer cause innumerable health problems that have profound effect on individuals.
By using the above cooling herbs, one can beat the heat easily and enjoy the summers at its best. 
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