cure acidity with ayurveda

Acidity is the commonest disease in our busy lifestyle. Because of the busy routine there is no time left for proper eating or exercises as a result people are suffering from acidity. If we ignore, it causes several other complications in the body. Acidity is a psycho-somatic disease  

Due to excessive fasting, improper diet, eating while indigestion, improper seasonal diet indigestion ensues and food eaten later on becomes poisonous or toxic. This toxic juice combines with Pitta and creates a variety of pitta dominant diseases, Amlapitta is one of them and the symptoms in amlapitta resemble with the symptoms in hyperacidity and gastritis.
Some incompatible combinations of food like salt and milk, many salad dressings and cheeses; milk and cereals; milk and fruits (especially sour); fish and milk; cooked or heated yogurt; sprouts, honey, and milk mixed and consumed with meat and/or fish; cold and hot drinks one after the other; clarified butter (ghee) and honey in equal portions; heated honey etc. Sour food and all fermented food items such as cheeses, idli, dosa, tomato ketchups, pizza, chips, pickles, deep fried food, difficult to digest food, reheated food, all spicy foods, papad etc. Other factors related to food, behavior and seasonal changes cause this disease.

Hyper-acidity is curable if treated in its early stage. It requires lifelong management in its later stage. In the initial stage appetizers, herbs that increase digestive power should be given. Bitter taste is a remedy as it is very good for increasing digestive power.
Commonly used drugs: Avipattikar choorna Mulethi choorna, Amla choorna, juice of aloe vera, Sootshekhar rasa, Kamdudha rasa, Prawal pisti, Leelavilas rasa, Kushmanda avaleha etc.
Do’s and don'ts
Do’s: Old rice, barely wheat, moong daal, jangal-mamsarasa, bilwa, kapitha, parval, bitter gourd (karela), amla, pomegranate, mustha and all edibles bitter in taste are recommended in hyper acidity.
Don’ts: Til (sesame),black gram, kultha taila, vinegar, salty, pungent and spicy food, food item those are heavy for digestion (digest with difficulty), curds and alcohol. Avoid sleeping after lunch.
*Lecturer, Sharir Kriya Deptt., **Lecturer, Swasthvritta Deptt., ***Lecturer, Kaya Chikitsa Deptt., Sri Ganganagar College of Ayurvedic Science and hospital, Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthan).