Food for Brain

Happiness is the transcending of both pleasure and pain. Divine is he who has overcome both good & evil Calmness is a steady flow of the mind towards God. Self restraint is control of the organs of sense. Patience is bearing the burden of life cheerfully. Excellence of character arises from disregard of worldly considerations. The highest charity is refraining from violence. Heaven is the domination of satwa in the mind. Hell is the predominance of tamas. Learned is he who identifies himself with the body. Ignorant is he who identifies himself with his body. Austerity is the giving up of desire. Velour is the conquest of one’s own self. Modesty is abhorrence of evil deeds. The greatest strength is the control of pain. The greatest gift is the gift of knowledge. Renunciation is over coming the world. The right path is one which leads to God. The wrong path is that which causes restlessness of mind. He indeed is rich who is rich in virtues. Poor is he who is discontented. Mean is who is not master of his sense. Godly is he who is not attached to objects of sense. CH-3/103, BITS Pilani, Goa Campus, Zuari Nagar, Goa-403726. 09850633681