GARLIC-Nectar of Indra

Knowledge of Rason or Garlic to mankind is since long back. Rason is said to be “Nectar of Indra” which fell down on earth as a result of fight in between Garuda and Indra. It is a plant of both Medicinal as well as Dietary importance. Its Latin name is Allium sativum and it is placed in family Lilliaceae. It is a perennial herb with height up to 1-2 ft. It is found all over India specially Garhawal, Kumanu, Punjab and Kashmir states.  

Its bulb is having high medicinal value. It has specific type of odour. Seeing its medicinal value and importance Acharya Kashayapa has described and placed it in a separate chapter called “Lasun kalp”. It is used as vegetable all over world. According to Ayurveda it contains five tastes except Amla (Sour). Its synonyms are Yavanesta, Ugragandha, Mahaushadha & Lashun etc. Its post digestive effect is pungent and potency is Hot by virtue of which it pacifies Kapha and Vata respectively. Garlic is available in fresh, dried and powdered form all over world.
The German Federal Health Commission E and European Scientific Cooperation on Phototherapy have approved Garlic for treatment of high cholesterol levels.
The ingredient Allicin believed to be responsible for garlic's therapeutic benefits. Both heat and acid destroy the enzyme Allinase which is necessary to produce allicin for that reason garlic is ingested raw. Freeze drying retains raw garlic properties.
Garlic appears to have small effect in reducing cholesterol and very minimal effect in decreasing high blood pressure and high lipid levels.
Garlic supplementation cause decrease in platelet aggregation. Garlic is supposed to be antibacterial effect also.
In inflammatory disorder and muscular pain like condition its mild hot paste is applied. The leaf juice of it is effective in Earache. Rason increases level of sperms that is why it is used as aphrodisiac. It is menstrual cycle regulator. With Vidanga it is highly effective in all type of Vata disorders. In the diseases like Diphtheria etc. it is very effective and useful. It is advocated for use in empty stomach condition as it pacifies Vataj disorders of digestive system. If it is used in excess amount vomiting, diarrhoea and Headache may be develop. It should be used very carefully in pregnant woman & Paittik prakriti people.
It is used in dose of 3-6 gm as paste and 1-2 drop as liquid. Its important formulations are Rason vati, Lashunadi ghrita.
Its ill effect can be checked or suppressed by giving juice of coriander leaves & juice of pomegranate.
Not only Ayurveda but also homeopathic system of medicine advocates its use in different diseases. Its tincture has very good medicinal properties used in Gangrene of lung. It is not only used in men but also for cattle in their problems like Anthrax.
Thus we can see that Rason is a unique gift of nature given to mankind with so many good properties. Many researches are going on & many are still in pipeline. We should utilize this drug very effectively & cultivate it using organic manure to take its maximum benefit.