Healthy Haldi

The turmeric also known as 'Haldi' in hindi, has a great medicinal value. This fact justifies the reason for calling it-'A doctor at your Home.' In ayurvedic texts, so many medicinal properties of 'Haldi' have been described, like. Turmeric-a doctor at home: • Anti-oxidant • Anti-Inflamatory • Anti-helminthic • Aromatic • Tonic • Blood purifier • Stimulant • Fertility enhancer • Digestive • Anti-dermatosis • Anti-diabetic

• The tetrahydro curcuminoides, the colourless component in turmeric have anti-oxidant property and makes it very useful in
organic disorders like diabetes, cancer, etc.
• Curcumin, the main ingredient, also has anti-oxidant properties and helps to stabilise the membranes damaged by
• Anti-helminthic properties of turmeric makes it useful to alleviate worm infestation. It checks the new infestations as well.
• It has an aroma like that of camphor which makes it an excellent insect, ant and termite repe.
• It is good source of dietary fiber, Vit B6, Vit C, iron, magnesium, potassium and mangnese. Thats why it is a good health tonic.
• It scrapes out toxins out of body and acts as a blood purifier and complexion enhancer.
• Curcumin has some stimulant action on central nervous system hence helps the user come out of lethargy and anxiety.
• It cleanes the uterus of fertile ladies/girls and enhances fertility.
• Because of presence of magnessium, potassium and fibers it has an antacid effect in small dosage. It also stimulates the
secretion of peptic juice and acts as an appetiser.
• Recent studies have proved mast cells stabilising properties in turmeric. Thats why it cures urticaria.
• It is one of the best herbs for diabetic patients as it increases the insulin level in the body.
Powder: 2-4 gms.
Juice of fresh rhizome: 10-20 ml.
It can be taken 3 to 4 times a day.

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