Lotus-For Health & Prosperity

Lotus is an ayurvedic herb with tremendous medicinal value. All types of lotus are used in Ayurveda for its therapeutic use. Apart from medicinal use, lotus is having a great mythological and religious significance. Ayurvedic energetic: It's taste is bitter, astringent and sweet. Potency is cold. Post digestive effect is sweet and pungent and it purifies Kapha and pitta dosha. The legend of the Lotus flower is as old as civilization itself and probably older. Stories of the Lotus-eaters and the Lotus worshippers of pre-historic times survived as oral tales and rude drawings until the Egyptians, Phoenicians, and Greeks, in their golden ages revived the myth and the power of this mystical bloom. In Indian mythology Lotus is said to be favorite herb of Goddess of prosperity Kamala i.e. Lakshmi. She is always portrayed standing or sitting on the flower of lotus. Lotus flower is natural abode of Lakshmi. Padama is another name of Lakshmi i.e. why lotus has got another name Padam also. Every name of Lotus is having its own tale. Arvind - because of desire of acquiring it being very beautiful, Sarsig- As it is born in ponds, Kusheshya- Sleeps in water, Tamras- Resides in water, Pushkar- Strengthens (Pushti) the body. Lotus with white flowers is named Pundrika and Kumud; with red flowers, is called Koknad; with bluish flowers it's known as Indivar or Kuvlag. Seeds of lotus are called Padambeej or Kamlaksh.    


Lotus plumule is called Mrinal or Bhis; Its tuber is called Padamkand, seed segment is called Karnika; New leaves are named Samvartika; male part of flower androcium is called Kinjalk and female part gynoecium is called Makrand. All the different parts of lotus are having it medicinal value for different diseases.

Used as food also: The seeds of the Lotus are edible. The leaf and leaf stalk are eaten as vegetable in India. The tubers of the Lotus taste like the sweet potato. Its petals are used for garnish and the large leaves are used as the wrap for the leaves. Its seeds called Phool Mukhana are used in the Indian cooking.
Lotus is used with precautions in indigestion, food stagnation and constipation

Dr. Sanjeev Sood is Prof. & Head of Panchakarma Department, Dayanand Ayurvedic College, Jalandhar, + 91 9814004142