Manage Obesity with Ayurveda

Guggulu is a gum resin obtained from a plant is known for its fat-burning properties and cholesterol-lowering effects.

Excessive accumulation of fat in the body caused by consumption of more calories than the body can use, harms one's health, potentially reduces life expectancy and increases the likelihood of various health issues.
A survey done by Times of India analyzed  that overweight and obesity are the two common lifestyle problems that affect nearly 17% of India’s population and costing Rs 2.8 lakh crore of country’s wealth.
1.    Triphala churna, a blend of three herbs- amla, haritki and bibhitak is taken twice daily with warm water to improve digestion and metabolism.
2.    Guggulu, a gum resin is known for its fat-burning properties and cholesterol-lowering effects.
3.    Shilajit a resin, naturally obtained from mountains, is used as a lipolytic  medicine.
4.    Cinnamon used to make tea or as a sprinkle spice, helps to reduce diabetes and cholesterol levels.
5.    Black pepper, used to sprinkle over salads and fruits bowls boosts metabolism, digestion and nutrient absorption.
6.    Ginger can be used to make ginger-lemon tea in place of milk tea. Taken twice improves gastric mobility, hinders cholesterol absorption and works as a good diuretic.
Udvartan The Panchkarma Therapy
Ayurvedic Powder Massage 
The ayurvedic massage therapy for weight loss in which various herbal powders are rubbed on the body with specific motions.
Stimulates of Metabolism
In this therapy, therapeutic herbal powders are vigorously massaged onto the body. This massage action is thought to stimulate circulation and increase metabolic activity. A higher metabolic rate can potentially lead to increased calorie burning, which is essential for weight loss.
Breaksdown Subcutaneous Fat 
The friction created by the herbal powders during the massage is believed to help break down subcutaneous fat, making it more accessible for the body to utilize.
Boosts Lymphatic Drainage
The massage motions used in therapy are thought to improve lymphatic circulation and drainage. This can help reduce fluid retention and eliminate waste products and toxins from the body, which may contribute to a feeling of lightness and potentially aid in weight loss.
Balances Kapha Dosha
Excess Kapha dosha is often associated with weight gain and sluggishness. This massage therapy is believed to balance Kapha dosha by reducing its accumulation in the body, which can lead to improved metabolism and weight management.

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