Moringa - Super Food

Moringa is an important food source in many parts of the world. It bears numerous health benefits due to wide range of antioxidants in its leaves and pods.

Moringa, also known as Shigru, Drumstick and Sehjan is graceful, small and evergreen deciduous tree. The tree grows very fast up to the height of 10-12 meter with 45cm diameter. Bark of moringa is smooth, dark grayish in color and surrounded by thick cork. This tree is native of India and widely grows in subtropical areas in North India. Now it is grown in tropical and sub tropical regions throughout the world. It is also found in Ethiopia, Sudan, Philippines, America, Tropical Asia and Florida.

Ayurvedic Energetics

Taste- Pungent, Bitter
Potency- Hot
Quality- Light , Dry 
Post digestive effect- Pungent
Effect on humors- Pacifies Vata and Kapha
Therapeutic effect- Anti inflammatory


It can grow on any kind of soil and requires very less water. Moringa flowers are very fragrant and are surrounded by five unequal thinly veined and yellow whitish petals. Fruits are green and look like long drumsticks. They are hanging  and hold numerous dark brown and globular seeds.  Fruits, leaves and seeds all can be used for eating except root. The tree is rich in antioxidants and several bioactive compounds. The leaves are excellent source of B vitamins, iron, mineral and proteins. It  has been used traditionally in treatment and prevention of a range of disorders like diabetes, hypertension, hyper cholesterol etc. There are three varieties of shigru viz.  black,  white and red.

Part Used
•    Leaves, Seeds, Fruits, Flowers
•    Powder-1to 3 gm
•    Decoction-30 to 50 ml
Nutritional Supplement
Has been used to combat malnutrition among infants and nursing mothers. It may provide a versatite nutritious food throughtout the year in various regions.
Blood sugar
Possesses anti diabetic properties thus controls blood sugar and its complications like retinopathy, neuropathy and diabetic foot.
Cholesterol level
Helps to decrease cholesterol level in blood and stimulates excretion of fatty acids. Thus prevents myocardial infarction(MI) and brain stroke.
Muscle Building
It contains 9.8 gm of protein in 100gm thus helpful in muscle building.
Rich in antioxidant Vitamin C, thus improves immunity and protects our body from various infections.
Sperm count
Fruit is known to increase quality and quantity of sperm, giving strength to male reproductive system.
Blood pressure
Moringa contains  compounds that help to stop arteries from thickening thereby preventing rise in blood pressure.
Anti inflammatory
Leaves, seeds and seed pods are known for their anti- inflammatory effect. Shigru targets key enzymes that facilitate the release of pro-inflammatory chemicals in the joints, thus helps suppress inflammation and pain. It also improves blood circulation in the joints.
Calcium supplement
As a rich source of calcium, it gives strength to teeth and bones and prevents osteoporosis and various bone disorders.
Skin and hair
Moringa seed oil is beneficial for protecting hair against free radicals and keeping them clean and healthy. It also contains proteins which are helpful in protecting skin cells from damage. 
Liver Health
Moringa works to protect the liver against damage caused by certain medications and can quicken its repair process.
How to use 
•    Dysmenorrhea:  Leaf decoction 50-60 ml twice daily in dysmenorrhea.
•    Headache: Application of leaf paste on forehead to relief headache.
•    Face pack : Leaf paste or juice with lemon juice is used as a face pack to overcome black heads and acne.
•    Conjunctivitis: Leaf juice is instilled in eyes or paste is applied around eyes.

Moringa has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. Studies have shown its high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also considered as a nutritious food source due to presence of essential vitamins and minerals.

•    Pregnant women are advised not to consume as it may lead to miscarriage.
•    People with gastritis or sensitive stomach should use it carefully.

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