Positive Thinking Key to success

When life gives you a hundred reasons to break down and cry, show life that you have a million reasons to be happy. Stay strong.

Every person is experiencing different tastes of life on one or other day. If every thing goes well whether it is relationship, health, career or money then nothing is better than that. But if struggles stand in front, life becomes stressful. To handle any such situation, our mind starts thinking. If it goes towards negative side, the situation becomes more pathetic. On the contrary, if our attitude become positive for that struggling time, we explore the problems, find the solutions and come out of it very soon.

Positive thinking is one of the most important keys to get success in life. It is a constructive thinking which makes us active in solving our problems, and makes us unique and hopeful. It incorporates zest in us to do things and accomplish the goals. It always helps to stay calm in difficult times and gives us an opportunity to come out of these situations.

A positive frame of mind brings more harmony and happiness, improves relationships and makes us look at bright side of life. It causes reduction of stress and anxiety. On keeping positive attitude, we find the reasons to smile and try to focus on good side only. We start using the words, “I can do”, “I am able to do”, “It is possible for me”, and that helps us in every way. Words are like seeds, whatever we speak, it will multiply and bounce back, so speaking in positive way definitely helps. For all this, we will have to change the habit of uttering negative words like "I cannot",  "impossible", "difficult" and put continuous effort. Positive people do not wait for life to change rather they start enjoying it. They do not worry about obstacles; instead, they find ways to solve them. They live in present and are always eager to improve their life. They do not wait for luck, miracles and support to change the circumstances. They let the past go to free themselves from impressing and useless thoughts.

Tips for Positive Attitude

•    Be optimistic.
•    Smile more often.
•    Listen to the music.
•    Do something useful.
•    Do not dwell on failure.
•    Find reasons to be funny.
•    Build up faith in yourself.
•    Remove thought of jealousy.
•    Associate with happy people.
•    Motivate others for good cause.
•    Learn to develop focussed mind.
•    Read inspiring stories and quotes.
•    Take experience from tough situation.
•    Abstain from speaking about your problems over and again.


Negative thoughts are like dark clouds hiding the sun and sky, making the day look gloomy and threatening. Positive thinking is the power that scatters the clouds from mind and brings back sun and blue sky into our life. It is very contagious. People around us pick up our happy mood and want to be in relationship with us. This type of our attitude inspires them. So, if the mind whispers that you cannot do it never listen to it, do not become victim; instead, take charge of situation. Try to replace this immediately with positive thought and keep on cheering and engage yourself in some activity.

Nobody can belittle you unless you allow them. The sooner you drive away negative thoughts the sooner you will restore happiness in life.

By learning all these you are able to open the gates of optimism and feel more alive and active. You expect only good things to happen and then life smiles at you. 

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DAV Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Jalandhar.
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