Vastu of Top 10 developed Countries

When I came across top 10 developed countries in the world book of facts, it came to my mind to check out the Vastu of these countries. On seeing the maps of these countries astonishing similarities in the Vastu of theses countries were revealed. For prosperity, simple rule of thumb in Vastu is that buildings with open, light and extended North East Ishan Kone, North or East are most favourable. Here is the list of top 10 developed countries along with the maps. Let us see how applicable this rule is: All these countries are having an open sea in their North-East and extended North-East, North or East direction except Switzerland. Switzerland is having a slope towards its North-East because of the high altitude mountains on its South-West. Selection of Site: Before constructing a building the foremost caution is selection of a site, Vastu advise taken after making a foundation and raising walls is sometimes is not so useful. Location of surrounding building, hill, valley or a river etc, is also important.

A square or rectangular plot should be chosen. Plot with more length in East West direction without obliteration in any angle will render more prosperity and good health to inhabitants.
How to select a site:
Square or rectangular plot with clear angles is recommended. Plot facing East or North direction is preferred. A plot with North East corner should be purchased may be with a higher price.
Slop of the Plot: It also affects the life of the people who are going to living in building, after its construction. Slope in the direction of East or North will shower the blessings. If west or south part of the plot is higher than east or north, consider it a goldmine. Switzerland is best example of it, its south west is heavy with mountains with slop towards North east, people living on such a type of place can achieve big targets very conveniently.
Direction of the site: It should appropriately synchronize with compass for getting the desirable results with Vastu Shastra as north-east, east-south, south-west and west-north corners can only be clear in this condition only. Straight without turn road on east and north is more beneficial. Site on a road exactly parallel or vertical to North South direction of compass should be preferred. A road extending the North-East of your site will bring tremendous prosperity to you.
Shape of the Site: Triangular site is never preferred, natural characteristics of a site can never be changed so it is better to leave these places. A Road reducing the north-east of a plot cannot be changed.
A small and low site in-between two towering and big buildings should never be taken. If north-west corner is increased than south-west it should be decreased by erecting a wall or fence if it is not possible site should be discarded. If passage coming out from house / building is taking to east or north direction it will be beneficial, passage from home taking you towards south-east or south-west directions will be harmful. Prof. & Head of Panchakarma Department,

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