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Breathing is first law of life; no one can live more than a few minutes without an adequate supply of oxygen. We must have fresh air to stay alive. To make this possible, nature has provided us with a remarkable living pipeline, the wind pipe or trachea. If that life lines were blocked or cut off, we couldn't survive more than a few minutes. If the nose is blocked, or if the mucus membranes are profusely covered with impurities, then the nose can not perform its duties effectively. In fact if the nose is completely blocked, then the person is forced to breath through the mouth. However, the normal nose blowing does not remove all impurities, engrained, dried mucus can remain there. This is one of the reasons that the practice of neti was developed to ensure the best possible cleaning of the nose.

Sutra Neti

The aspirant should insert a fine rolled thread into a nostril and pull it out through the mouth. This is known as sutraneti.
Sutra neti is an advanced process for cleaning the nose. It supplements and performs the same function as jala neti, namely it cleans and removes blockages in the nasal passages.
Requirements: Now a days a long, thin rubber urethral catheter is used instead of thread. The choice of the size of the catheter ofcourse depends on the individual nasal passage, but 3, 4 and 5 number sizes are generally suitable.
Posture: Any comfortable sitting or standing position may be taken squatting position may be taken, though a squatting position (kagasana) is particularly suitable if it is comfortable.
Technique: The thread is inserted through one nostril and removed out from the other. Sutra Neti aids in dislodging harmful dust or dirt from the mucous membranes of the nostrils which is then washed away with salt water. However great care must be taken to administer this technique and only when the individual is well versed with Jal Neti.
Duration: This technique should not be done every day. Once in a week is more than sufficient. The best time of practice is in the morning before breakfast.

Jala Neti

Requirements : A pot or Lota (pitcher) should be used to introduce salt water into the nostrils. There are various designs and even a tea pot can be used nothing else is available.
Important thing to remember is that, the nozzle on the end of the spout should be of suitable size so that the end fits comfortably into your nostril. It can be made of brass or any other suitable material which does not contaminate water.
Posture: One may either sit in a squatting position known as Kagasana or one may assume a standing position, bending the shoulders and head forwards. This position is most suitable for doing neti into a sink or wash basin as compared to the other position.
Technique: After completing this practice the nostrils must be dried and any further impurities removed. Stand erect, bend forward so that the trunk assumes a horizontal position. Close one nostril by pressing the side of the nose with the thumb. Breathe in and out vigorously up to 10 times in quick succession. The exhalation should be especially emphasized to expel the moisture from the nostrils. Repeat the same procedure with the other nostril closed.
Then repeat the same procedure with both nostrils open. This simple practice should remove most of the moisture from the nose. If moisture remains, the vigorous breathing should be repeated until the nose is perfectly dry.
Duration: The technique should not be done every day, once in a week is more than sufficient. The best time of practice is in the morning before breakfast.
Sequence: Sutra neti should be performed before jalaneti as the later will flush out all the impurities and particles in the nose which have been dislodged by sutra neti. Make sure that the sutra is perfectly clean before inserting it into the nostril.
Contra indications: Those people who suffer from chronic bleeding in the nose should not do sutra neti. Any one with nasal ulcers, polyps and severe malformation of the nasal septum or turbinates should first seek the advice of a yogic or Ayurvedic doctor.
Benefits: The practice of neti removes disorders of phlegm and gives a sharp vision. Cure Allergic rhinitis, headache, bronchial asthma and depression.
Pure air is absolutely essential both to the sick and healthy in all diseases, at all times and under all circumstances. It is the pure air that sustains our life. We can live for a few weeks without food, for few days without water but we cannot live even for a minute without air.
Though external respiratory passage is having all kinds of requirements like filtration of air removal of dust particles and also olfaction, but even then there is a small lacuna that requires some sort of smoothening effect by one or the other way. Since in classics there is no authenticity about Jalaneti but today it can be seen that it is the ideal practice to minimize the respiratory problems by simple practice of Neti karma.Department of (Kaya Chikitsa),
Lecturer Swasthvruta

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