Yoga and Pranayama Improves Digestion

If you have a poor appetite, burning in stomach, bloated stomach, fast heartbeats or excessive salivation then you may have a poorly functioning digestive system. Yogic Cure to Improve Digestion Yoga is ideal for improving the functioning of the digestive system. Regular practice overcomes problems related to the digestion and cures it permanently.

• Practice kunjal for one week with salted water and without salt for two to three months with hot water.

• Practice shankhaprakshalana once. Eat kichdi for two to three days after this practice. Add cumin seeds, black pepper and black salt in diluted curd or thick curd and eat for this for two weeks. Drink pomegranate juice or wood apple juice (bilva).

Katichakrasana strengthens the digestive system. Janushirasana is also beneficial. It increases the digestive fire, contracts the stomach muscles and improves the overall health of the body. It also strengthens the muscles of the back and hips.

Ardhamatsyendrasana overcomes diseases of the stomach and strengthens the intestines. It is beneficial to control the blood sugar level and overcome backaches. It helps the blood circulation and stimulates the nerves of the back and hips.

Vajrasana should be practiced for overcoming hyperactivity of the mind which is responsible for most of the diseases of digestive system. It is the only asana that can be practiced after meals. It overcomes gastric trouble, acidity and helps in proper digestion. It increases the appetite and food is digested properly.

• Bhujangasana helps to overcome all the diseases of the stomach. It increases the appetite and strengthens the spine. It also gives relief in patients with backaches.

• Makarasana should be practiced to improve the functioning of the stomach. It overcomes asthma, lung disorders, knee pain, improves the appetite and makes the spine flexible.

• Pavanmuktasana removes excessive gas from intestine, overcomes acidity and helps the digestion process. It reduces the excessive fat on the stomach, cures gynecological problems in women and is also beneficial in cases of heart disease and gout.

Pranayama cure to improve digestion:

Agnisar pranayama should be practiced regularly as it improves digestion and overcomes gastric trouble, constipation, sour belches, and ulcers and other stomach related problems. It improves the appetite, reduces the blood sugar level.

Kapalbhati pranayama should also be practiced, as it is the best for the stomach. It overcomes all the diseases related to the digestive system and strengthens weak intestines. It is the best pranayama and improves the health of the body.

Uddiyanbandha is also beneficial to overcome stomach related problems, improves the appetite, arouses prana and purifies the manipura chakra.

Tips to Improve digestion

• Eat every two to three hours. The meal should be small in quantity and easy to digest. By feeding yourself small meals frequently, you stimulate the digestive system.

• Eat only when you are hungry. When you do eat, do not eat until you are completely full, but eat until you no longer feel hunger and are satisfied but still feel as if you could eat more food. Drink hot water if you feel thirsty at the time of eating food.

• Drink lemon water a half an hour before meals to reduce hunger and improve digestion.

• Sleep turned on your left side, this sleeping position is helpful for digesting food.

• Do not eat after two and a half hours before going to bed at night and keep a cold bandage on the stomach, cover it with a shawl and remove it after two hours or in the morning.

• Light fasting is the best way to improve the digestion.

• Keep fast once a week or every two weeks and drink hot water with lemon juice depending on the season as well as drinking apple juice twice or thrice daily.

• Avoid fear, anxiety, and sorrow, worries, etc.

• Do not eat anything if you feel heaviness in stomach. Go for morning and evening walks.

Home Remedies

1. Take mint chutney or ginger marmalade before meals.

2. Eat raw coconut kernel, drink coconut water, eat chapatti made with whole-wheat flour, and eat old rice and raw papaya vegetable.

3. Take sufficient amount of ripe fruits, green vegetables, dry fruits, and milk.

6. Take hip bath and pour water on the back for three minutes.

7. Keep fast and take enema in the morning.

8. Take orange, sweet grapes or pomegranate juice (100 gm).

9. Add juice of half lemon in hot water and drink regularly.

10. Grate one to three grams of ginger and add a pinch of rock salt. Take it one hour before meals once daily for eight days. It overcomes digestive problems, clears the stomach and increases the appetite.

11. Take three grams of coriander powder and three grams of dry ginger powder with 100 grams of hot water.

12. Grind equal quantities of cinnamon, dry ginger and red cardamom. Take two grams of this before meals.

13. Roast a small quantity of harad in clarified butter and grind it with black salt. Take small quantities with water twice daily.

14. Mix a little bit of black salt in two spoons of onion juice and drink in the morning.

15. Mix half a spoon each of radish juice and lemon juice, a pinch of rock salt, four black pepper seeds, two pinches of ajowain churna and take this after meals.

16. Grind three black pepper seeds, three cloves and 30 neem buds, add a little bit of sugar and take twice daily for a fortnight.

17. The following drinks improve the digestive system considerably: papaya juice with a little bit of sugar added or a mix of lemon juice in a spoonful of ginger juice. You can also add a little bit of black salt in half a cup of pineapple juice to drink or drink the juice of ripe wood apples (bilva) for 20 days for relief.