Yogic Palming

Person see better when the eyes, mind and body are relaxed. One can convince himself of this basic truth of palming. Palming is a relaxation technique. It is a way by which eyes relax naturally with little efforts. It is a easiest formula to gain energy. As palming is one way of relaxing the eyes, of getting you out of the stress. Mental stress can be cause for losing good eyesight in some cases. How to do palming: Rub hands for a few seconds to warm and energize them. Then close your eyes and cover them with your hands. Each palm covers one eye without touching it. The fingers cross on your forehead, and your elbows rest on a table or on your knees.

With your eyes in total darkness, first tense all muscles from head to toes- then release them and relax completely. The more relaxed you are, the more blackness will appear in front of eyes. At first you may perceive streaks of grey or colors, moving spots or stars. The degree of blackness is an accurate measure of your inner rest, and of how well your eyes function right now. Just enjoy this rest for 15 minutes.
Benefits of palming:
1.    After palming when person open his eyes, he will see object little better than
2.    Person is able to clearly define the colours, shapes and lines.
 3.    It helps in enhancement of the vision permanently.
4.    It stimulates all organs of the body without any stress.
5.    Eyes function becomes best when person look at familiar objects.
6.    By palming often one can make relaxed state of mind.
7.    It can  continue as long as person wish.

In general palming shouldn’t be done vigorously. But in some cases it is seen that, people with serious eye problems have done it for hours day after day and attained spectacular improvements without any side effects.
Palming looks simple but it rarely fails to get results, especially when combined with other yogic practices. If person gets bored or tense, just do some different things or get up or walk for few minutes and shake body for a minute.
Palming being a relaxation technique, gives deep inner rest along with better eyesight. Simultaneously it is useful in depression as it provide deep inner rest to body and mind which creates a feeling goodness.

Yoga Teacher (M.A. {Yoga} Gold Medalist)
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